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Spell Candle Sets

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Candle Set Options
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Candle magick is simple and powerful. Performing candle magick requires that you focus on specific goals and visualize them clearly. As above, so below. As within, so without. When you focus your energy in this way your actions will follow suit, helping your desires to come to fruition in the macro.

To learn more about candle magick, pair these candles with The Goddess Discovery V2 or The Ritual Deck.

The details:

  • These candles are intended for spellwork, so they have a short burn time (about 1-2 hours). 
  • Candles are 4" tall with a 1/2" base
  • Candle base not included but you can shop them here
  • Candle set options shown below. Select your candle selection from the drop-down menu.

🌈 The Rainbow- one of each color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, gold, silver, white, brown, black.

🖤 Protect & ground set- 2 black candles, 2 brown candles, 2 blue candles

💕 Love & passion set- 2 pink candles, 2 red candles, 2 orange candles

👁 Psychic sight set- 2 blue candles, 2 purple candles, 2 silver candles

🌿 Abundance set- 2 green candles, 2 brown candles, 2 gold candles

🌒 New moon set- 2 black candles, 2 white candles, 2 purple candles

🔥 Inspired action set- 2 yellow candles, 2 red candles, 2 purple candles

*Please note: Candles are subject to melting. If you live in a warm climate, please, watch tracking and collect your order asap. If this is not possible, leave a note at checkout to require a signature to receive your package. We will not reship or refund candle shipments that melt in transit due to customer neglect.  


❤️ We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We use recycled and recyclable sterling silver, boxes, tissue paper, and cards. 99% of our materials are purchased from the U.S. to reduce travel pollution and support our local economy.

❤️ Your purchases support awesome women, handmade products, eco-friendly companies, our local economy, and the proliferation of love and light. THANK YOU!