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Meditations for The Wheel of the Year // 8 Guided Meditations

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Embody the energy of each season on the wheel of the year with eight highly engaging meditations with Cassie Uhl. This package includes one meditation for each sabbat on the Wheel of the Year.

Upon purchasing you will receive immediate access to all eight meditations, a digital download of the Wheel of the Year graphic from my upcoming book, Understanding The Wheel of The Year, with Quarto Knows, and a bonus 10-minute meditation perfect for daily use. 

Explore each meditation a bit more below. 

🔮 Samhain: 30-minute guided meditation to help you honor rest and connect with the spirit realm.

🌲Yule / The Winter Solstice: 17-minute guided meditation to help you release anything no longer serving you and welcome hope with the return of the light. 

🕯Imbolc: 8-minute guided meditation to help you tune into divine inspiration and creativity. 

🌸 Ostara / The Spring Equinox: 20-minute guided meditation to help you tune into the energy of play, growth, and balance.

🔥 Beltane: 23-minute guided meditation to help you connect with the spirit realm and a sense of passion. 

🌞 Litha / The Summer Solstice: 14-minute guided meditation helping you honor our life-giving sun and your own light. 

🌾 Lughnasadh: 17-minute guided meditation helping you to harvest the fruits of your labor over the previous year and tune into the energy of pride. 

🍎 Mabon / The Fall Equinox: 16-minute guided meditation to help you find balance and honor a sense of gratitude. 

💜 BONUS: Wheel of the Year printouts for the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Free 10-minute breathing guided meditation. This quick meditation is a perfect reset if you're feeling a little anxious or unsettled. 

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After you purchase, you'll receive an email with links to download each meditation.  Please, ensure that the email address entered at checkout is accurate. If you don't see your email after a few minutes, check your "spam", "promotions", and "all mail" folders. You will have three opportunities to download the meditations, once you have them downloaded you can access them as often as you'd like!