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Meditate with the Moon Bundle - Guided Meditations for Each Moon Phase

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Enjoy these guided meditations to help you access lunar energy for each moon phase.

With this purchase, you'll receive five guided meditation downloads by Cassie Uhl geared towards connecting with lunar energy. 

Explore each meditation a bit more below. 

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After you purchase, you'll receive an email with links to download each meditation.  Please, ensure that the email address entered at checkout is accurate. If you don't see your email after a few minutes, check your "spam", "promotions", and "all mail" folders. You will have three opportunities to download the meditations, once you have them downloaded you can access them as often as you'd like! 

🌒New moon- This 18-minute meditation focuses on clearing your energy and opening yourself up to guidance for the moon cycle ahead. 

🌓Waxing moon- The 18-minute waxing moon meditation will guide you spark a fire of energy within your solar plexus, giving you strength and wisdom to accomplish your goals.

🌕Full moon- This 20-minute magickal meditation focuses on gratitude, feeling good, and connecting with the spirit realm for an optimal full moon experience. 

🌗Waning moon- The 15-minute waning moon meditation will help you gently remove and release energy that's no longer serving you and encourage you to accept yourself where you are. 

🌑Dark moon- This 20-minute deeply restorative meditation will help you fall into a deep state of restoration enabling you to integrate anything that's transpired through the moon cycle. 

💜 BONUS: Free 10-minute breathing guided meditation. This quick meditation is a perfect reset if you're feeling a little anxious or unsettled.