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Journey to the Nurturing Mother | Workbook and Audio Recording

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Lay down your grief. It's time to rest in the lap of the Nurturing Mother of Late Summer. This journey is ideal for those seeking healing and connection with the Mother archetype.

The season of late Summer corresponds with the deeply rooted Mother who holds it all, life and death, with ease and grace. We can see this in the natural world in this season when the earth has poured all of its energy into bearing fruit. The fruit is here, and it is a time of celebration. Yet, it is also time to begin turning inward. The season of rest and death is coming, and grief is near. The Nurturing Mother of late Summer does not waver in her love, even amidst holding such binaries.  

The guided journey was originally recorded in October 2023.

With this purchase, you'll receive instant email access to a 40-minute guided journey meditation, short pre and post-journey discussion, and a 10-page downloadable workbook. The workbook comes with the following.  

  • Journal prompts 
  • Card spread to use with either tarot or oracle cards
  • Ritual suggestion
  • Information about the Goddesses Ceres and Demeter who are deeply tied to this season and the archteypal Mother. 

You'll receive a PDF version ideal for printing and an ePub version ideal for iPads and e-readers. 

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