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Soul Discovery Series | 3-part series to support the Soul Discovery Journal

  • $45.00

Join Cassie in a three-part series to accompany the Soul Discovery Journal

Having a copy of the Soul Discovery Journal is not required for this series. This series serves as a support to the journal but is also beneficial on its own.

You will receive immediate access to your videos after you purchase. Closed captioning is included in all videos. 

Session 1: The Energy Body and the Four Elements. 

- A 15-minute guided meditation to connect with the elements. 

- 30-minute lecture on the relation between the four elements and the energy body. 


Session 2: Intuition, Trust, and Discernment.

- A 15-minute guided meditation to connect with the intuition. 

- 30-minute lecture on the role of trust and discernment in using the intuition. 


Session 3: Relational Magic and Spellwork. 

- A 15-minute guided meditation to connect with a spiritual ally.

- 30-minute lecture on the importance of relational vs. extractive magic and spellwork.


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