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Heart Expansion | Essence of Hawthorn and Rose during Sagittarius Full Moon

  • $26.50

The Heart Expansion Essence is a vibrational essence, including the essence of Hawthorn and Rose flowers during a Sagittarius full moon. 

This essence was ritually created with permission and in collaboration with the trees and plants growing in my local environment. 

Attributes of this essence:

  • A traditional heart healer, Hawthorn flowers offer a loving, sensual, and playful energy. The addition of rose adds an element of beauty and Venusian energy. The presence of the full moon in Sagittarius, which commonly corresponds with the planet of Jupiter, during the creation of this essence helps to expand the potency of these energies. 
  • This warming essence is ideal for expanding your sense of love, for yourself and others, in playful and sensual ways. It is a wonderful addition to a bath. It also makes a wonderful essence to use as an offering in ritual and magic work. 

What you will receive:

  • You will receive one 2oz. amber dropper stock bottle* of this essence.
  • Please note flower essences do not smell or taste like the flowers used and will generally taste like the alcohol or glycerin preservative used. Read more about what flower essences are and are not below. 

*Stock bottles are diluted directly from the mother essence. You may choose to create a dosage bottle from your stock bottle to extend the life of this essence or share it with others. A simple web search on "how to create a dosage bottle from a stock bottle" will provide you with adequate steps to create dosage bottles. Should you decide to share it with others, please, credit Cassie Uhl. 

  • Ingredients: spring water, brandy, vibrational infusion of hawthorn and rose flowers.

Suggested Uses: Take as desired. Add 2-3 drops to water, tea, or directly under the tongue. Alternatively, add 7-10 drops to a bath or rub 2-3 drops directly on the skin. 

What is a vibrational essence?

Vibrational essences, or flower essences, are vibrational "medicines" that affect the subtle body. They are not intended to treat or cure physical ailments. Their effects can be subtle and will vary from person to person. They are not essential oils and do not have a floral scent or flavor. Rather, the water holds the vibrational essence of the flower and any other energies present, like the phase of the moon. Alcohol is often used as a form of preservation. Therefore, any scent and flavor come from the alcohol used for preservation.

Flower essences have been worked with for spiritual and healing purposes since ancient times, as seen in records of flower essence used in ancient Egyptian and twelfth-century Europe. Use of flower essence, or similar practices, are also found in Asia and Australia. Flower essences became more standardized and studied in the 1930s through the work of Dr. Edward Bach. However, Bach's perspective is but one. The art of crafting essences in collaboration with nature and flower magic is vast and rich.