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Tarot Correspondences Made Easy Mini-Course

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Have you been intimidated to start working with the tarot? Learning 78 tarot card meanings can certainly seem intimidating. What if I told you that you could have a basic understanding of all 78 cards by learning just 36 correspondences? It's true! 

When you learn how the four elements, numerology, and basic astrological symbols correspond to the tarot, you'll gain a solid understanding of all 78 tarot card meanings. Understanding these tarot correspondences will act as a springboard for your intuition. 

This mini-course with Cassie Uhl, author of Understanding Tarot and Journey Tarot deck, walks you through a three-week process to learn the 36 essential tarot correspondences.

This course is great for those who learn visually and from doing! You will be asked to do independent work, drawing and/or writing, to fully learn the 36 tarot correspondences. 

In this mini-course, you'll receive: 

  • Six videos with 60-minutes of video content (includes subtitles):
    • Video 1: Introduction video outlining the course, how to use the workbook, and an introduction to correspondences. 
    • Video 2: The four elements in the tarot
    • Video 3: Numerology in the tarot
    • Video 4: Astrology in the tarot
    • Video 5: Tying it all together and other uses for tarot correspondences
    • Bonus video: Anatomy of the tarot deck (for beginners)
  • 40-Page Workbook:
    • Beautifully designed PDF, Epub, and a printer-friendly version 
    • Tarot correspondence guides for the Minor Arcana and Major Arcana
    • Dedicated drawing and journaling sections to help you learn and remember the 36 correspondences
    • Linked resource section 

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