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Jumpstart Your Intuition Mini-Course

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Does your intuition need a boost? This course is ideal for anyone looking to get started working with their intuition or seeking to take their intuition to a deeper level. 

Everyone is intuitive; it's just a matter of learning how to tune into your unique gifts. This course outlines tools that Cassie's used throughout most of her life to hone and activate her intuition. 

You'll learn about the five different ways that intuition shows up, how to feel intuition in your body, different supportive tools to aid your intuition and be guided through a two-week process to jumpstart your intuition. 

In this mini-course, you'll receive: 

  • Five videos with 60-minutes of content with subtitles:
    • Video 1: Intro and understanding intuitive blocks
    • Video 2: The clair's and your daily intuitive practice
    • Video 3: Crystals and herbs for intuition
    • Video 4: Learning how to trust your intuition
    • Video 5: Connecting with your guides
  • 20-Page Workbook:
    • Digital and printer-friendly version
    • 2 quizzes, one to help you identify intuitive blocks and one to help you determine your clair
    • Journal prompts to help you break through your intuitive blocks
    • 2-week's worth of entries for your daily intuitive practice
    • Illustrated guides for crystals and herbs to support your intuition
    • Linked resource section
  • 3 Guided Meditations:
    • 10-minute daily meditation
    • 30-minute meditation to help you feel intuition in your body
    • 17-minute meditation to help you connect with your guides

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