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Bring Your Woo Woo to the Protest // By Eryn Johnson

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Let's create change in a way that makes us feel the way we want to feel, and that makes other people feel that same way. That is activism from a place of healing.

The world needs you, as an activist, to show up as a spiritual being...and as a spiritual being, to show up as an activist. Your spiritual practice is your activism, and your activism is your spiritual practice. They are not separate; they are one. They just need to be combined.

This book will show you how to do that by exploring the yamas and niyamas, core principles of yoga philosophy, through an activist lens to bring you back to love and non-judgement. This book explores these principles in an interactive workbook-style format using a variety of healing tools, including tarot spreads, journaling, tarot archetypes, meditation, tapping, and mantra.

By one of Zenned Out's blog contributor, this 114-page paperback book by Eryn Johnson contains text and journal prompts to get you started on your activism journey.  


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