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Private Sessions

Energy Work, Mature Feminine Rites of Passage, & Intuitive Mentorship Sessions with Cassie


  • "My session with Cassie exceeded all expectations. She held a beautiful, supportive energy throughout our time together. She cleared some stagnant energy, removed a stubborn cord I've been battling for years, cleared my third eye area, and so much more. She provided incredible insight and recommendations, and even her aftercare was phenomenal. I felt like a new person after that session, with free flowing energy, better intuition, and a clear path for continuing my own psychic self care. I am in awe of Cassie's abilities and will absolutely be coming back for another session!"

    Abigail | Distance Energy Work

  • "My session with Cassie was powerful. I felt at peace, and very relaxed during the session. I experienced tingling, beautiful light, and some pulls that radiated in the body. I really enjoyed her explanation of her findings. I also liked that a Tarot card was read to send me on my way with a nice closure. The email reviewing the session is also very helpful and thorough. Cassie was very warm and calming. I felt very safe, and in wonderful hands. I’m also thrilled to have discovered I have two animal spirits watching over me. Today, I feel a sense of renewal and hope! A lightness I haven’t felt in a while. Thank you Cassie!"

    Sophie | Distance Energy Work

  • "My session with Cassie was amazing. She helped me to feel relaxed before we got started and during the session she communicated with me as she moved about my energy. I was able to feel a pulsating in each chakra as she was working with it. Since my session a couple of weeks ago, I have found I am able to cry more easily, instead of stuffing my emotions down. I also feel more energized in my root chakra since she removed the entity that was entangled there. My menstrual cycle, which is usually very heavy, was much lighter this time around. My overall sense of well being has improved since my session with Cassie. I feel balanced and grounded. She is the real deal! I highly recommend her services."

    Angie | Distance Energy Work

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