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Guided Journeys & Live Events

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Feedback from Previous Journeys

  • “I’m so grateful I did this journey with you. I’m not a skeptic by any means, but I wasn’t expecting to have such an immersive and magickal experience. I felt truly connected to my ancestors and received a message that I didn’t know I needed so badly.”

    - Xana S. from "Journey to Your Ancestors"

  • “I really felt a huge flow of energy from everyone when we began. It was really an amazing feeling of how much power we all have! Your guidance during the meditation was amazing and I found myself feeling comfortable yet curious at the same time."

    - Diana R. from "Journey to the Crone"

  • “I appreciated the very safe space you created for the group, the supportive and healing journey you offered/guided and the exercises available before and after the session. I did them all and found them to be very resonant, timely and healing. This is very deep work and you did a fantastic job making it possible for many people to have their own experience in a grounded way - without any of the energies interfering. Thank you for your service and willingness to offer your gifts.”

    - Meg S. from "Journey to Your Ancestors"