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Work with Cassie

Trauma-informed support for your spiritual journey through life and death.

Client Feedback

  • "My session with Cassie exceeded all expectations. I felt like a new person after that session, with free flowing energy, better intuition, and a clear path for continuing my own psychic self care. I am in awe of Cassie's abilities and will absolutely be coming back for another session!" - Abigail | Distance Energy Work, November 2021

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  • "The session validated my experience and journey into discerning my gifts and how to use them. I felt comfortable with Cassie and her experience and compassion showed through in her guidance and the space she held for me." - Stephanie Y. | Intuitive Mentorship, November 2021

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  • "Cassie helped me to feel connected to myself again and to those that travel alongside me. As she cut cords and soothed my energy centers, I felt myself open up in a way I haven't been in a long time. The days since her healing have been filled with realization and a renewed sense of self." - Siera S. | Distance Energy Work, October 2021

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Cassie is an author, energy healer, and death worker.

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