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Peony Enfleurage Solid Perfume

  • $26.00

Peony is a short-lived bloom arriving early in Spring. With its showy but short-lived blooms and identifiable scent Peony represents a life well lived to many. 

This enfleurage solid perfume is subtle yet definable and mimics the temporal nature of Peony. It is an ideal ally for connecting with the essence of Spring, celebrating the richness of our physical world, and grief tending. 

*Order with care* Solid perfume can melt. If you live in a warm environment ( regular temperatures over 85°F), please, be careful to watch tracking and collect your parcel ASAP or send it to a location where it can be delivered indoors. All orders are delivered directly to the USPS for delivery and will not sit outside prior to shipping. Returns and refunds will not be honored for melted products. This solid perfume does not contain preservatives. Use within two years of purchase. 


  • Apply to pulse points for a subtle and sweet reminder of Peony.
  • Use in ritual (works especially well for dressing candles.)
  • Use to support of grief work and grief rituals.

What you will receive:

  • You will receive one .5oz kraft pot of solid perfume. 

Ingredients: organic mango butter infused with peony, organic beeswax

Suggested storage: Store in a cool environment, preferably below 80°. This product will melt if temperatures exceed approximately 90°. 

What is enfleurage? Enfleurage is an early form of perfumery where fresh flower petals are pressed into a solid fat that absorbs the aromatics of the flower. Petals are carefully removed every 24-48 hours and new petals are added. This time-consuming process continues for about 5-14 days. Once the fat has absorbed the desired scent it can be processed into an absolute or solid perfume.