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Understanding Auras, Tarot, Crystals, and more.

Client Feedback

  • "My session with Cassie exceeded all expectations. She held a beautiful, supportive energy throughout our time together. She cleared some stagnant energy, removed a stubborn cord I've been battling for years, cleared my third eye area, and so much more. She provided incredible insight and recommendations, and even her aftercare was phenomenal. I felt like a new person after that session, with free flowing energy, better intuition, and a clear path for continuing my own psychic self care. I am in awe of Cassie's abilities and will absolutely be coming back for another session!"

    - Abigail, 2021, Distance Energy Work

  • “Wow, well I was not sure what to expect with this session and I was pleasantly surprised. The reflection that Cassie shared with me about my energy at the time and cord attachments was so insightful and helpful for me to understand different aspects of myself I only somewhat sensed. Following the session, I felt rejuvenated. My husband even said I looked as if I was glowing. The grounding practice she shared with me has been so helpful with my work and releasing energy that is not my own. I really appreciated this session and send gratitude to Cassie for sharing her gift/talent with me!”

    Anonymous, 2022, Distance Energy Work

  • "Cassie was very attentive and intentional during our session. She explained her process, she prepared me for different things I may experience, and made sure I felt safe and comfortable. During my session, she removed an entity from my root chakra and cleared out other people's emotions that I was carrying around. I could physically feel my chest lighten. I felt much lighter, more clear headed, and have had more energy since our session. At the end of our session, Cassie gave me time and space to process the experience with her, ask questions, and provided me with the mental/internal tools to continue caring for myself."

    Summer, 2021, In-person Energy Work

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Author . Healer . Death Worker

Cassie is a trauma-informed author, healer, teacher, and death doula. Her offerings are rooted in earth-based and pagan spiritual practices.